Ready for next year

Hopefully yesterday everybody received a letter explaining which teachers would be in which year group next year. This should have gone directly to your email but in case you missed it here it is for your reference. Children from reception to year 5 will find out who their new teacher is on the 6th July and will have the chance to spend time with them on that day.  Parents of children with a statement or EHCP will be or have been contacted already by Mrs Flynn to discuss their transition. If you have any questions please let us know.

New classes letter to parents


The coolest kids

We have the coolest children ever in Nutmeg class. That is a fact. Not only have they nailed some cult 70s disco classics  they have also added some more Beatles and Bewitched to their repotoire. If you know a tiny person from nursery, sing along with them to “You say goodbye (and I say hello)”. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

And the nominations are…

It is nearly time for our end of year trophy assembly and the grown ups  have been nominating the stars of Bevington from all across the school. The assembly will be in the last week of term and such a fantastic summary of all the children’s achievements this year. Last time there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Still time to impress us and make the job of choosing even harder though!

Who’s that Hyde- Ing in the park

Well it’s Sycamore of course! They had an amazing time in the sunshine and showed off their sporting skills and musical talents too. And they took the opprtinuty to try out their pirating skills in case they come in handy in year 6 which is not long now. Ooh!

Defying gravity

If you thought it was only the witches in Wicked who could defy gravity then you should see our science experiment today!  How did they do it? Ask one of the children to explain it to you. Look out for our science themed Twitter retweets as well. There is so much science out there we love it!

Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid to all at Bevington who celebrate it. Hope you had a lovely day with your families.

Supporting children after a frightening event

We are all shocked and saddened by the recent tragic fire at Grenfell Tower and understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for many of you. As a school community, we want to make sure we look after each other and we are working with professionals to understand how best to do this. We know from research that in the early weeks after a traumatic event it is better not to bring in complete strangers to support children as they really need family and trusted adults around them. We have spoken to our staff and asked them to report any concerns they may have about pupils and will be working with other agencies in the coming months. In the meantime we have been advised to make the attached documents available to you all and to let you know that we will be running a session at 9 am on the 10th July that will be led by the EP Helen Kerslake. We will email you more information about this session.


Frequently asked questions

What is a tragedy

Supporting children after a frightening event


Kingswood Kapers

We hope you have been following year 6’s hilarious antics on Twitter this week. They have been on school journey at Kingswood, which is in Ashford in Kent. They have embraced the outdoor life, taken the opportunity to try what seems like a very large number of high octane sports and just about held on to their lunches on the 3G swing ( and that was just the teachers!) We have missed them and are looking forward to having them back today but seems like they had the time of their lives! Thanks to a probably tired and emotional Miss Brown, Miss Po and Mr Collett for looking after them 24/7 this week and thanks to Sycamore for letting Mr Collett leave the building!

Putting children first

Thanks to our colleagues from local schools and ones as far away as Ruislip, Hayes and Harrow who came to Bevington yesterday to talk about strategies for ensuring that no child falls behind at school. They were able to talk about and agree on best practice in spending and accounting for the pupil premium, which is the additional money that the government gives schools to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Thanks to Mr Byrne- Smith for facilitating the session and to our colleagues at Colville for co- presenting.

Ace- ing our assessments

Well done to year 3,4& 5 who have been working hard on their end of year assessments. They have all tried really hard and all their concentration and focus throughout the year has definitely paid off in their fantastic results. We are just finalising end of year reports which will be with you just after we receive our KS2 SATs results. Thank you for helping and supporting the children all year. It has really made a massive difference.