STEM specialists

We have hosted a number of visitors over the past couple of days who have come to Bevington to see STEM in action. We have a unique curriculum which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and specialist facilities in which to teach them. Thanks to our staff for showing our visitors our approach, and hopefully we will have many more in the months to come!

Star performers

Early Years were amazing this afternoon in their nativity. They twinkled away like the little stars that they are! Well done to all of them and thanks to the parents who came along and seemed to enjoy the show very much.

It’s hard knock life

The Victorians came to school yesterday and year 1 and 2 got a real taste of the hard life. The children looked fantastic in some really authentic home made costumes and the turnout of parents for their presentation was outstanding. Thanks to all who came- the children were so happy to have you there so they could show off everything they know.

The Vikings are coming !

Miss M and Miss Sunderland led the Viking charge today and Year 5 looked amazing! They were fierce and fabulous warriors as always with their extraordinary beards. Grrr!

All business at Barlby

Thanks to Barlby for inviting us over to do some writing moderation on Tuesday. We love sharing good ideas and strategies in writing with our colleagues nearby. We always learn so much from them. We also like having the chance to wish them a happy holidays when they come. Enjoy the biscuits!

Happy when it rains

What a lovely downpour we had yesterday. Year 5 swam off to swimming and everyone else had a great time indoors at wet play – no such thing as bad weather at Bevington. Just opportunities for a different kind of fun.


singing in the season

The choir visited the Town Hall on Friday for rehearsals for the RBKC carol concert and they made beautiful music! It was am impressive sight as 400 or more children sang together and raised the roof. The performance is on the 14th and we know they will be fabulous. Making us proud as always.

A fair bit of STEM

The hall was buzzing with life yesterday with our very first STEM fair.  From Astrophysics to Anatomy, the children had it covered.  The practical experiments on display helped demonstrate buoyancy, air resistance, filtration and much more!  An incredible event organised entirely by the children.  Thanks to parents who came along, and thank you to Miss Brown and Mr Smith for co-ordinating.

Learning from friends

A big thank you to staff from St Saviour’s school near Warwick Avenue, who have visited Bevington over the past two weeks.  They came to see how we carry out feedback and marking in our classrooms.  It’s always a compliment to have school visit Bevington, and this was no exception.  It was a great learning experience for all, and we look forward to organising a reciprocal visit soon!

Working together

We were overwhelmed by the response to the coffee morning yesterday led by the Grenfell team. They fed back that this was the best turnout of any school they have visited so far. We are so glad that families are getting this opportunity to see what other support is available and that they are taking the time to talk. There will be two further opportunities to meet over the next fortnight and we hope more of you will come.