Swimming with the fishes

Well ok not quite but year 5 had a fantastic time at the London Aquarium learning more about tropical fish and coral reefs. They left even more inspired to stop the pollution that threatens these beautiful natural habitats. Future eco warriors every one of them.


Asking about assessment

Thanks to colleagues from across the borough who visited Bevington today to talk about their assessment systems. We are all learning and working together to refine what we do. It is a great way to get even better!

Kung Hei Fat Choy

We had a delicious start to the Chinese New Year thanks to Victoria and the team from AIP. The noodles were astounding and you cannot go wrong with sweet and sour. We are now a dab hand with the chop sticks. Delicious !


Choo choo train

Year 1 and 2 have been studying transport as part of their topic this term and were delighted to go to the London Transport Museum to see the history behind how London keeps its buses and trains running so regularly. We love all that kind of logistical stuff so we were in our element.



Fit for anything

We don’t care about the time of year or the weather because we love the opportunity to exercise and compete here at Bevington. The Sports Hall Athletics competition is no exception. We really enjoy seeing the other teams and taking part. And it keeps us in trim ready for spring and summer. Indoors or outdoors we are there.


Smooth riding

We always love it when the smoothie bike comes to Bevington as we love a fruity treat. We see even George Clarke has got in on the act riding one on Amazing Spaces. We always knew we were trend setters here at Bevington.


Scotland the brave

We were treated to the melancholy sound of the bagpipes at Bevington this week and no it was nothing like when Ross played them on Friends!  We can see now a beautiful and stirring instrument they are. No wonder the Scots fought so hard to keep them.


Staying safe on line

As we all know there are some amazing benefits to being on line but it is also very important to stay safe at all times. We had a very informative assembly from the police this week which made us think about what we search and who we talk to. We are sure all our parents are keeping tabs on their children’s on line life but it never hurts to check.


Parents Evening

Thursday 28th February 1.40pm-6.40pm.

Please remember to book your appointment with your child’s class teacher.

Online booking goes live Friday 8th February 1.00pm.

Please see email sent with step by step guide if your are having trouble booking.

School will finish at 1.30pm on this day please collect your child/children on time so that teachers can get to their appointments on time.

Energy Kidz will be open from 1.30pm if you wish to send your child please do book it in with them.