Unbeaten so far

Well done to all our netballers who are so far unbeaten in all of their matches this term. They are great examples of team work and perseverance. Thanks to Mr Taghi for training them all and fingers crossed for next half term. We should go from strength to strength!

Bonus boosters

You know how much we love learning at Bevington so we were really glad when Sion Manning offered our Year 6 children the chance for some extra classes over half term. They all jumped at the chance and we really value the support we get from the team there.

Delicious dishes

Thank you to Mrs Dodd and her sister who came in and made the most delicious food with the children in Year 3 and 4. They all got great platefuls of homemade delicacies which were tasty and healthy  with lots of lovely green veg to help with our 5 a day. The teachers all got lots to eat as well which we always view as a bonus! What a lovely end to our term.

All sewn up

Needles, threads and fabrics have been flying all round the top corridor this week as the children get to grips with topic-related textiles projects.  In Year 6, pupils are making toys for younger children, having conducted market research, designed prototypes, and selected fabrics and materials.  While in Year 5, pupils are busy designing space suits for their teddies!  They are using their knowledge of space, gravity and atmospheric pressure to consider the design criteria needed for their products.  Can’t wait to see the finished articles!

Sizzling Samosas

The smell of coriander was wafting through the school corridors this morning during Cherry’s class assembly all about Diwali.  We learnt all about the story of Rama and Sita as well as all the present-giving traditions of the festival.  Thanks to all the parents who came, and thank you to Miss Cass and her Busy Bees who cooked up a feast of delicious samosas for parents to enjoy at the end of the assembly.

We’re all going to the zoo…

Well actually Year 6 have been to London Zoo and have had an amazing, if slightly damp, day exploring the habitats and habits of rainforest animals as part of their topic. They all had different favourites and learnt about the challenges they face in the wild. The animals were having a lovely day despite the weather. They are from the rainforest so they don’t mind the rain!

Out of this world

Year 5 had a truly tasty afternoon this week eating space food! As we know astronauts have special food when they are aboard the International Space Station so we wanted to enjoy the authentic experience of interstellar fine dining for ourselves! The big hit of the afternoon was the Neapolitan ice cream – one more great reason to get ourselves enrolled on future space programs!

An inspiration to us all

We were very lucky to be visited by a local author called Marcelle Roujade yesterday. She wrote a book called ‘Black Boy Can’t Fly’. She explained to Year 6 about her life and how she moved from Guadeloupe to the UK to follow her dreams. Growing up, her son wanted to be a pilot, but was told by people around him that “Black boy can’t fly, he’d just crash the plane.”. However, Marcelle’s son was determined and resilient and is now working as a commercial airline pilot around the world. Year 6 then discussed their own dreams and aspirations, and how it would make them feel if they were to achieve it. Thanks to Marcelle for taking the time to come in- we really appreciate it.

Secondary School Taster

Year 6 were very happy to be invited to Sion Manning today to have a chance to experience the secondary school curriculum there. They enjoyed taking part in a variety of lessons and were really excited to be there. Thanks to our colleagues at Sion Manning , soon to be All Saints, who have been so helpful and accommodating. It is an amazing opportunity to learn about their next phase of education.

Cycling to success

Year 3 and 4 are all about the sustainable and eco- friendly these days and today was no exception. They have been practising their cycling skills because they know how important it is to be safe and prepared when you are riding on your bike. They also know that we need to have other and less polluting forms of transport on our roads. After their traffic survey they are well aware of the size of the problem. Any small part they can play in making London a healthier place and they are there. Well done Year 3 and 4 !