Read all about it! The Launch of the Bevington Monthly

It’s here, hot of the press, the launch of the Bevington Monthly newspaper. Miss M and a group of budding journalists have been busy putting together the first edition of the newspaper, which will now become a monthly fixture at the school. Inside the very first edition are articles about events that have been taking place at Bevington, as well as quizzes, interviews with staff and so much more. A copy of the first edition can be found below:

The Bevington Monthly – ISSUE 1

Bevington sings their heart out!

Yesterday evening, Chamber choir from Bevington went to the ‘Foundling Museum’ for an outstanding performance. We practised by warming up our voices, singing the songs we learnt and putting on one hell of an amazing show. The singing was beautiful. Everyone sung in time, singing in harmonies and had a great time. This was possible due to the Young Voices foundation.

I (Asser) have attended Chamber Choir for the last 2 years. During this time, I have performed in numerous performances. I really appreciate the time Chamber Choir has given me and I love singing as part of a collective group.

The sound of bagpipes at Bevington!

Yesterday morning, we were welcomed to school with bagpipes and what a welcome it was! As part of year 3’s topic Scotland, we couldn’t think of a better way to start our day. Despite not seeing any kilts, it felt as if we were in the highlands and the tunes were in our heads all day long! Thank you to the bagpipers and we hope it is not the last time that we all hear them.

Something exciting happened last week… my dad became a pupil! (Just for one day of course!)

On Wednesday 2nd January, year 5 opened its classroom doors to let parents come in and see what we have been learning about and give them an opportunity to take part in our exciting guided reading activities!

To start the lesson, we read a story named ‘The creation of Thor’s hammer’ together with the whole class (just like we normally do in a Mondays shared read!). Next, we moved onto a fluency task, we spoke about vocal inflection and practised this with an activity. Miss Brown then asked us to choose a paragraph to try and use our new skill of vocal inflection. It was funny listening to my dad reading with so much emotion!  Before the end of the lesson, my dad also tried out the other skills we normally practise in the week such as: find and retrieve, inference and structure/language and layout! It was fantastic being able to share my learning with my dad and I can’t wait for him to come in again this Wednesday for our maths morning!!

By Abdullah – Year 5 (Sycamore)

Help us bring the KS2 playground to life!

The school council is currently in the process of designing and kick-starting fundraising for a new KS2 Playground.

Last week they showcase their designs to the school, which have been communicated to designers. We are now busy fundraising to make the project possible.

If you would like to donate to our campaign, please visit our donation page by clicking the link below:

Welcome back: New year, new topics!

Happy New Year to all our pupils, parents, staff and the local community. We hope you all had a lovely holiday. We have now entered into the first half of the Spring term and with that our pupils have begun new topics. For this half term the topics taking place at Bevington are:

EYFS – Exploring Winter

Year 1 – Travel and Transport

Year 2 – The Arctic

Year 3 – Scotland

Year 4 – Early Britain

Year 5  – The Vikings

Year 6  – Natural Disasters

For each of the topics there is a home learning grid on the website (see home learning on the main page) with a wide range of suggested activities you could do at home with your child. In addition to this why not visit the library to take out books related to their topic or conduct some safe internet searches. We look forward to seeing all the brilliant work you do at home to support your child and their learning.


Come and learn about Mind Up

Since September, we have been implementing a project called Mind Up across the school and teaching it as part of our curriculum from Nursery to Year 6. As part pf these lessons, children have been learning about the specific parts of the brain and how these link with our emotions and learning.

On Tuesday, 28th January, a representative from Mind Up will be coming in to Bevington to offer a workshop to parents so that you can learn more about it and how to support your child at home.

So please join us and develop your knowledge and understanding of the brain and how to adopt a mindful approach to life.

We will ROCK you!

Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from the incredible geologist Chris yesterday. The children have loved learning about their STEM topic this term and couldn’t wait for their STEM ambassador to arrive. Oak and Sequoia class were fascinated by the formation of fossils and thoroughly enjoyed observing a range of beautiful rocks from amethyst to granite. We couldn’t believe how heavy lead was and that quartz is made out of silica and oxygen! Well done to our budding geologists!