The ICT suite is full of children at lunchtime practising their creative writing with Miss Sumnor and training to be the authors of the future. They are in good hands as Miss Sumnor has been working with national publishers on a piece of work she is crafting for the young adult audience. Having this opportunity to write for an audience is hugely valuable for all of our children and it is something we would always encourage. The children show a real flair for the imaginative and we are all looking forward to reading the finished pieces.

Year 5 went to the Royal Albert Hall today to try out a wide variety of instruments that the musicians regard as endangered. These are the instruments that are no longer popular and fashionable with children and young people and if no one starts learning them then they will disappear from our orchestras just like the tigers are disappearing from our jungles.  The children had a great time trying out woodwind, percussion, brass and stringed instruments from across the orchestra in the majestic surroundings of the Royal Albert Hall. Hopefully one day we might see one of them on stage there playing a symphony or a sonata! There are lots of photos on Twitter so please check there to see all the action and thanks to the Royal Albert Hall for liking our tweets too.

KS1 Year 2 SATS Workshop

Monday 6th February 9.00am-9.50am

Come and learn about what to expect in the year 2 SATS and how to help prepare your child for it.




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Thanks to all the parents who came to the Early Years maths workshop today. Miss Parnell was keen to demonstrate that you can practise maths anywhere and with almost anything around you. There is no need for special resources or lots of preparation. You can count and weigh in the kitchen and pour in the bathroom to think about ratio and volume. You can measure all over the house and outdoors using you feet as  a non standard unit of measurement and the shops have lots of maths opportunities wherever you go. Pop in and see Miss Parnell if you would like any further information and we look forward to hearing about your adventures!


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As you know we have been working towards more electronic communication to avoid lost pieces of paper and waste. This month we are able to email you the school newsletter directly to your inbox if you have supplied us with these details or signed up to the School Gateway app. We know lots of parents prefer to be given information in this way so please let us know your details if we don’t already have them so we can make sure we reach as many people as possible. We use the website now as our main source of information and all our news is also published there so please keep checking regularly.

Bevington has gone all green-fingered this week, and our learning all about plants and gardens has truly sprung into life!  Children in Magnolia Class visited Westminster Academy’s science labs to learn all about the science behind a plant’s structure. Willow Class dissected plants and labelled scientific diagrams of the plants we have round school.  Birch Class explored our own extensive vegetable garden with Emilia and learn all about seeds and germination.

In other exciting news, we have had contractors in this week to look at the possibility of another garden development on our Key Stage One playground… watch this space!


Birch Class exploring seeds and planting


Studious Willow Class pupils hard at work!


Magnolia Class visit the labs

The school were told “Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face” this morning as Oak class treated us all to a class assembly about Robert Burns.  The great Scottish poet is celebrated every year on January the 25th, and Oak class delighted parents with their tales of poetry, Scottish dialect and, of course, haggis!  The assembly finished with uplifting singing and we all left the hall humming the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.


Year Six lived the uni lifestyle yesterday as they trekked across town to visit St Mary’s University in Roehampton.  Student Ambassadors told them all about the structure of university life, and the children completed a treasure hunt which went all across campus.  Thank you to everyone at Roehampton for making it happen; we have high aspirations for our pupils and hopefully this gave some of them a glimpse of the future!

West London Action for Children

‘West London Action for Children’ will be running the following courses in the new year. They are free to parents on a low income who reside in the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham or Chelsea and Kensington.

Parents can self- refer or be referred by professionals. The service request form is on our website  and also attached here for your convenience. We meet with each parent prior to the courses starting to establish their goals for the course.

Parentalk for Parents of 3-11 year olds -6 Wednesday mornings

Dads Matter  for fathers and step fathers -6 evening sessions 6.30-8.30pm

Breathing Space– a mindfulness based stress reduction group- 8 Thursday mornings 10-12

Parenteen– for parents of teenagers -6 Thursdays 12-2pm


Please click on links below for more information.

Breathing space spring 2017

Parenteen Spring 2017

Service Request Form

Wlac Groups For Parents Spring 2017

Wlac Parentalk Spring 2017


The children in Nursery and Reception are the epitome of what the Year of the Rooster stands for as they are some of the most punctual classes in the school. This means they have even more time to learn! Today they have been making stir fry to celebrate the Chinese New Year, using chop sticks like professionals to scoop up this tasty treat. They have also made red dragons to remind them of the dancing dragons you can see in China Town at this time of year. What a delicious day in Early Years!