The children in the nurture group have been linking their topic learning to a DT project this week. They are in the process of constructing an amazing ( and enormous) 3D model of a pirate ship so that they can think about and discuss all the skills needed when constructing a vessel such as this. We are not sure yet if there are any plans to name it the Black Pearl but it is indeed worthy of Jack Sparrow! Look out for pictures soon on Twitter.

Literacy workshop Friday 10th march 9.00am

all parents and carers welcome.

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Thank you to the classes who have already tweeted their “Day in the life” exploits for everyone to see. You can catch up with Oak class today and find out what they are learning and what we really do in school all day! Never again will your child be able to answer the question ” What did you do in school today?” with the word nothing. If you aren’t yet following us yet let us know and we will help you log on so you can see the fun too.

The children in Nutmeg class are getting a lesson in birth and new life this half term with the arrivals of the eggs today that will hatch out to become chicks sometime next week. They are thinking about how the eggs need to be looked after and how that will differ from the chicks when they hatch. They are also trying to guess which egg will hatch first and why. We will be inviting the rest of the school down to see them once they are fully fledged- we can’t wait to meet them.

Many of you will have read in the news over the weekend that the government and the Mayor of London are increasingly concerned about the cleanliness of air in and around schools. The good news is, that unlike many of our neighbouring schools, the air around Bevington is below EU legal limits and therefore safe. We work hard through our travel plan to reduce emissions from our families that may contribute to this problem and have been learning about road safety today all across key stage 2. We regularly address environmental issues through our curriculum.  Year 3 and 4 are exploring this issue as part of their topic work on London this term. We are working hard to educate the future generations and do our part to improve air quality for all. Please see Miss Medwicz if you would like any other information about how we cover this in geography.

We love art at Bevington. The quality of conversations about how it makes us feel and what it says about life and love and beauty were sometimes intense on Friday when we were thinking about the works of David Hockney. The children really demonstrated our values of thoughtfulness and appreciation when they talked about these. Sometimes we get very caught up in the world and things may seem difficult. So the chance to step back and reflect on what really moves us is always a welcome addition to any day. Our paintings and discussions resonated really closely with what Nick Carter told us in the afternoon. He clearly showed that there is more to life than the things we can acquire, which we sometimes think are so important. Look out for the finished paintings, coming so a wall near you soon and see what you think!

We learnt a lot from Nick Carter on Friday. He is an adventurer and explorer who has climbed Mount Everest. Nick  taught us one very important lesson for life and it was so powerful it made Mr Collett try something he had been afraid to do all week. Nick reminded us that we must always be brave. We must face the things that stop us from growing and changing and that even if we don’t enjoy an experience we can always take  something from it. So with that in mind Mr Collett went back to Sycamore class and held a meal worm for the first time. We are not entirely sure if he will be doing it again but he demonstrated his courage in facing this phobia and we can all learn from that!

You will have seen our post about pancakes on Shrove Tuesday next week and we have started getting into the mood with Birch class in their assembly this morning about Lent. We know that people who believe in Easter have to give up certain foods during this period and that is why they  have lots of lovely pancakes to mark the start of this time. Then they don’t feel so hungry later when they can’t eat things like that until Easter comes. We love the amazing school meals at Bevington, big thanks to Victoria and the team for making them for us, so this is a tradition that we can all get behind !

Pancake Day Tuesday 28th February
Not to be missed!!
Yummy pancakes will be served!!

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Follow your child’s learning and all the other amazing opportunities and experiences that they encounter each day through the Bevington Twitter page @BevingtonRBKC. For a day we will be following each of our classes to have a true insight to the outstanding education they receive. The schedule for dates and the classes is as follows:

  • Thursday 23rd February – Rowan Class (Year 6)
  • Friday 24th February – Sycamore Class (Year 5)
  • Monday 27th February – Mulberry Class (Year 5)
  • Tuesday 28th February – Oak Class (Year 4)
  • Wednesday 1st March – Sequoia Class (Year 3 & 4)
  • Thursday 2nd March – Birch Class (Year 3)
  • Friday 3rd March – Magnolia Class (Year 2)
  • Monday 6th March – Willow Class (Year 2 & 1)
  • Tuesday 7th March – Cherry Class (Year 1)
  • Wednesday 8th March – Elm Class (EYFS)
  • Thursday 9th March – Chestnut Class (EYFS)
  • Friday 10th March – Nutmeg Class (EYFS)


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