We love being at heart of Ladbroke Grove and especially being part of the amazing Golborne Road community. How lucky are we to be here with so much around us that is vibrant and exciting. We just wanted to say thank you this week to all our neighbours for their kindness and support with a small chocolate-y gift and a home made card so we popped out to do that and saw lots of you out and about. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Have a great break. Missing you already !

It is with a little bit of sadness that we move on from March’s value of appreciation because we know how much that and manners matter in life. However we have thought so much about real appreciation this month we know now that value will never leave us because it’s become an unconscious reflex now. We have emailed out some suggestions to you all about how we can help the children practice the value of patience now. A tricky one to master we know, in a world that doesn’t understand the concept of delayed gratification, but together we will nail it! Let us know how you get on at home. We’d love to share your successes with everyone

The end of another term has come for most of us at Bevington but not for a dedicated band of adults who have offered to support the year 6 children with extra tuition over the Easter holidays. We couldn’t offer our Easter school without the help and support of staff from across the school and the parents who allow their children to attend. We know that the sessions can be a real difference maker when the tests come around in May so we are delighted to be able to offer them. All part of the service at Bevington where learning always comes first.

After such a busy term it was great to dance away the tiredness at the end of term disco. The children, as we know, are talented and enthusiastic dancers with a sense of rhythm that puts all of us grown ups to shame. Mind you they do enjoy giving us a gentle ribbing about the quality of our “moves”! # dad dancing apparently! Good thing we love them all and value humour at Bevington!!

Mulberry class for another stunning assembly this morning teaching us all about Easter. We are used to seeing high quality performances from all our year groups and classes but this was exceptional especially because we only asked them to plan and deliver the assembly on Monday! We were also treated to some superb instrumental performances as well from our keyboard and guitar superstars. Year 5 you were excellent – looking forward to when you all get to year 6!

We were overwhelmed and humbled by the number of families who have chosen to select Bevington for their child’s reception place next year. Applications came from far and wide with visitors to the school citing the advert they had seen, our Twitter and website as key factors in wanting to join the school. It has been an outstanding (yes we can spell it!) two terms so far this year so thank you all for making the school what it has become. The future’s so exciting now- we knew you could do it Bevington!

Student teachers who cone to work alongside us at Bevington and practice their craft always bring something different and unique to the children’s lives and we love having them. With this in mind we have been meeting potential new trainee teachers for September today and are really excited about the candidates who were bursting with enthusiasm for the school and about all the pupils they met. We think they were all appointable and look forward to introducing you to them soon. It is great to see, that in a teacher shortage, there are still dedicated young people who want to come into the profession.

The importance of a broad and balanced curriculum in primary schools can never be underestimated and how best to ensure this has recently come to the top of the agenda for Ofsted. Since the statutory changes in England in 2014 we have been working hard to make sure that all subjects have equal weighting at Bevington. We believe this is essential in developing the whole child. Some schools narrow their curriculum offer and only use their clubs and trips to add experiences to children’s learning. We know, like you, that art, music, PE, PSHE, science, the humanities, RE and computing are just as important as the core subjects and Bevington pupils thrive in all these areas. We know education changes futures and doing what you love can only support this. We are glad to see the Arts Council are commissioning a piece of work to make sure all children have access to a varied curriculum, like the one you see in the best schools such as Bevington .We’d be happy to show them how it’s done! Check out their full article on our Twitter.

Thank you to all the parents who regularly volunteer in school and provide enriching experiences for all of our children. You all really make a difference to them. Today the children had the opportunity to take part in boxing sessions in school with one of our dads. Boxing is a fantastic sport that provides the children with discipline and self control which fits right in with our values. They all had an amazing time which we couldn’t have provided without your help. Thank you !

The Times Educational Supplement has detailed the 20 things you should try to do with your children before they are 12 and we are really pleased to say we have already done 18 of them in school this year and it is not yet the end of the Spring term. If you are interested in finding more about the research have a look at our Twitter for more details. And if you have any other suggestion you want to add we be delighted to hear from you.