The School Council have been thinking about how they can channel the school’s energy to give back on an international level and they have decided to work on a project with Water Aid. They know there is nothing more vital to life and development than fresh, clean water and that too many children live without it. We can’t wait to get behind them and raise money for this worthwhile charity. We know that this is all part of what makes Bevington the special place it is- the children really care and it shows.

Check out all the children who achieved PE awards from last term on our Twitter. There was an awe inspiring amount of them today in assembly. We really value the chance to exercise, be healthy and compete regularly because we know how much it helps our learning and we love to win!! Thanks to Mr Taghii and Mr Dasso- we know PE is in very competitive hands with you both

Thanks to Lotte Moore, the author of Lotte’s War, who visited Bevington this afternoon to talk to all the children in year 3 and 4 about the experiences they have read about in her book. We were really grateful that she could come and give us her first hand version and there were so many intelligent and sincere questions from all the children that they had to wait patiently to ask them. Thanks to Mr Adams for arranging this event and for all the brilliant tweets this week about literacy. Another really positive week over. Let’s see what we can achieve next week.

We understand the power of language here at Bevington which is why we choose our words carefully in everything we do. Year 3 and 4 have been no exception this week in the writing they have done about WW2. They have got to the heart of the matter and really thought about how rhetoric and propaganda can be manipulated to shape the future to other people’s agenda  A lesson learned in a time filled with political spin. Good job next month’s value is trust!

“Crowns off” to Sycamore this morning who acted out the story of St George and Dragon to an entranced audience of pupils and parents.  We learnt about the Libyan warrior’s plight against the beast which was terrorising his land.  Of course, the children in Year 6 will be aware that this is an allegory of courage and perseverance leading to good triumphing over evil.  The children trod the boards like real professionals and their diction and projection was exemplary!  Head over to Twitter for pictures.

Einstein was so right when he said this and he is one of our heroes at Bevington (after all we have had a room named after him for 5 years!) We are passionate in our commitment to science and the STEM subjects because we know that learning about these can help us change the world. So it was only right that we devote a whole day to showing the world how well teach science in school and it looks amazing on Twitter. Have a look when you get a chance and if you have any expertise you can offer in this area too we’d be delighted to hear from you. We know we have some future Nobel prize winners ( Nobel is another one of our rooms- always thinking you see) in our midst right now and we are giving them the tools they need to succeed. We will be googling them in the future.

We are all about the learning as you know at Bevington and really love finding out about other customs, traditions and religions. We can see that a shared understanding breeds patience and tolerance which can only make us better people. So it was with this in mind that year 1 and 2 went on their trip to the synagogue to find out more about Judaism. They displayed many of our values on this trip especially positivity, respect and open mindedness. We all really agree these make us not just good people but actually great people. They made us proud today and a big thank you to all the parents who attended and supported as well. Good job Year 1 and 2!

Here at Bevington we know how crucial Maths is to learning and to life, and that really was the case as Mr Doyle visited each classroom to document what we do in Maths every day!  The school was buzzing with fractions, money, addition, parallelograms and vertices and the classrooms were truly alive with mathematicians eager to share their learning.  Here at Bevington we expect everyone to achieve, regardless of where you start or what you know already.  We have high expectations for all our mathematicians because we know they can do it!  Head over to Twitter @BevingtonRBKC to see the fun we have had today…

Bevington has been transformed into a theatre this week, with Birch, Sequoia and Oak Classes all taking the stage for their performances of “Going for Gold”.  The children have been furiously learning lines and rehearsing songs.  Their costumes look truly amazing, so thank you to everyone at home for your help with these creations.  Birch kick off proceedings, this evening at 4:45pm, with Sequoia on Wednesday and Oak on Friday. Perhaps if we keep it up, Shaftesbury Avenue will have to be extended to incorporate the West End’s latest theatre — Bevington!

We don’t shy away from the big questions at Bevington and today in assembly was no different. As you know we have been thinking about patience this month and how real change is hard and takes time. We wondered today about what was really important to us and what we stand for. That is the single most important thing we can decide together and, now we are all in agreement, we can get on with the achieving it. What did we decide ? You might well ask. We decided that we really are a family and we intend  to be brilliant at everything we do. But then you already know that