We are loving the opportunity to work in broadcast media at Bevington. We have our new radio station ready to go on air and today Year 3 and 4 have been making their own film of the D Day landings using stop/ start animation. Our future film directors have not only had to use all their historical skills to fully re- enact events but they have also had to think about camera angles, shots and sound. These are more amazing STEM skills that they can put to so much use in later life. Careers in the media are exciting and motivating for pupils and we want ours to have chance to access them.

See our finished film below!

A great big thank you to all the children, parents and staff who have worked tirelessly through May on the SATs in both KS1 and KS2. Despite what you might read online we actually enjoyed every minute! Can’t wait for what’s next !

Thank you to Cherry class for their really interesting and informative assembly about Ramadan. We all learnt so much from what they had found out. And thank you to all the parents who attended- it was an amazing turnout in our very hot hall!

As you know Miss Parnell is a TeachFirst Ambassador and yesterday as part of her role she hosted Brett Wigdortz, the CEO of TeachFirst and Julia Davison, the CEO of the Australian organisation Good Start. They had come to have a look at our fantastic Early Years provision and talk to Miss Parnell about how to encourage more TeachFirst candidates to take an Early Years route into teaching. We were delighted have them and hope they found the visit really useful.

It was a very sporty Wednesday at Bevington with EYFS leading the way with their Sports Day practice. The tiniest people in the school worked hard on their throwing, fine and gross motor skills showing great encouragement and teamwork as they did. Later they were joined by KS2 who were getting in some hurdling practice at play and lunch. And let’s not forget our cricketers, including Mohamed who hit one for six. We believe in healthy mind, healthy body at Bevington. So we hope parents are getting their trainers ready for their race !

Thank you so much to Imperial College for offering year 5 a whole day of science in their labs. This is an amazing and inspirational opportunity for the children and by the look of it they took full advantage! We work very hard to ensure that all children at Bevington have access to STEM subjects and this has been another great step forward in learning about what life working as a scientist could really be like. Have a look on Twitter to see all our photos.

You may have seen that the education press and on the internet that a debate is raging about the quality of external moderation that schools can expect for Key Stage 1 outcomes and Key Stage 2 writing. At Bevington we have been working together, and as a team with other local schools, to make sure we can come to an agreed consensus about outcomes This has been  built on a secure evidence base over the course of this year. This afternoon we were working hard to collect further exemplification to support our understanding of what different children have achieved across our year groups. It is very important to us that we are accurate in our assessment and we know it is to the children and parents as well. Thanks to Mr Doyle and Mr Adams for leading the session, which was very productive.

This is very good advice that the children were keen to follow in their match against pupils from the Southbank International School. Everyone had lots of fun and it is great to meet children from other schools, especially when they are only down the other end of Portobello Road! First of many matches we hope. Have a look at all the action on Twitter.

We have so much going on in the summer term and all the action will be going on Twitter for families to see. Make sure you start following us @BevingtonRBKC and you  won’t miss a thing. Family in another country, grandparents want to see what school life is like? Get them to sign up too or get them checking the website for all things Bevington. Then they can feel really involved everyday.

We are always looking for great free activities to suggest to the children for evenings and weekends and we have retweeted some great ones recently. Check out our Twitter and see what’s going on locally that will be fun and educational. There is more to do out there than you might think.