We are so lucky to be part of this community because you come out and support and celebrate with us in such style. We had an amazing time with all of you who were able to attend  Key Stage 2 sports day. Many thanks again to our outstanding PE teachers, Mr Dasso and Mr Taghi, for their organisation of all 3 events. Then we had the best after school in ages at the Eid party and cultural celebration that you all made such a success. Thanks too to Mr Smith for his planning, organisation, enthusiasm, cajoling and reminders in all of this. As you know he will have done all of that without sitting down once as well! Think we can agree that at Bevington we rock!

Bevington Primary School is buzzing with excitement!!!

We are so proud to announce we have been chosen to take part in the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme to raise money to buy a Bevington Bee Hive.

By visiting the stores listed on the attached poster and popping your blue token into our box you can help us raise as much money as possible which will all be put back into the school garden and outdoors learning environment.

By installing a bee hive at school we are helping to teach the children that these insects are friends to the environment rather than something scary, and we can illustrate their important role in nature through the pollination of our plants. Also we are supporting a species which is in danger of serious decline. We will also end up with some delicious Bevington honey to eat!

And if you wanted to email out this information to all your friends who might visit Tesco we would really appreciate that too

Bevington Bees- please help!


Key Stage 1 sports day was attended by so many parents today it was fantastic! You all got into the spirit of the day and got fully involved in all the activities. And since you beat the staff in the tug of war it is game on now the Key Stage 2 tomorrow. We feel it is only fair to warn you that JP is still smarting from his tennis defeat in the staff tournament and looking to reclaim his unrivalled sporting crown in the adult races and Mr Adams may be our secret weapon in the tug of war! See you all at Linford Christie. Thanks again to Mr Dasso and Mr Taghi for their excellent organisational skills and boundless enthusiasm.

Welcome to all the lovely families who visited our nursery this afternoon to hear all about what next year will be like. It was great to see so many new and familiar faces that we recognise from people who have visited for a tour or who have been part of our bigger Bevington family for a while now. With Miss Parnell in nursery we know they will have the best start in school next year and can’t wait to get started.

Some of Oak class were lucky enough to go and visit a farm today to gather fresh produce to make their own chutney. We are big fans of children knowing where their food comes from and the quicker it can get from field to fork the fresher and more nutritious we know it will be. Looking forward to adding some of this chutney to a sandwich near you soon!

Bevington’s book fair will take place from Tuesday 4th July to Thursday 6th July . There is a 3 for 2 offer on books.

To enter the book fair competition – Make a piece of artwork , poem or a short story and receive a free £5 voucher to use at the fair. Hand your entries into the library or Oak class by Monday 3rd July.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Early Years Sports this morning and those who took part in our parent races which was very brave. There were so many highlights this morning but the sight of Mr Taghi helping Ibrahim in his sack will be one of the golden moments of this year for us all. Well done Nutmeg, Chestnut and Elm – you were fantastically sporting. And thank you Mr Taghi and Mr Dasso for organising all of this AND being in charge of the weather so it didn’t rain! There is no end to some people’s talents 🙂

While some schools are winding down for the year we are still working hard to give all the children the opportunity to really think and engage with the curriculum. Whether that is Year 5 learning about Buddhism and meditation, Year 3 and 4 listening to the poetry of Neal Zetter, Reception practising maths skills that wouldn’t be out of place in a year 2 class or Year 1 and 2 performing like professionals in their production. Add to that the musical finesse of the orchestra, samba band, School of Pop and Chamber Choir and it’s pretty obvious that we aren’t planning to waste a minute of the time we have together before term ends. And Year 6? Well they are back into the swing of things being super scientists. Can’t believe you are leaving us though- don’t go!

Hopefully yesterday everybody received a letter explaining which teachers would be in which year group next year. This should have gone directly to your email but in case you missed it here it is for your reference. Children from reception to year 5 will find out who their new teacher is on the 6th July and will have the chance to spend time with them on that day.  Parents of children with a statement or EHCP will be or have been contacted already by Mrs Flynn to discuss their transition. If you have any questions please let us know.

New classes letter to parents


We have the coolest children ever in Nutmeg class. That is a fact. Not only have they nailed some cult 70s disco classics  they have also added some more Beatles and Bewitched to their repotoire. If you know a tiny person from nursery, sing along with them to “You say goodbye (and I say hello)”. We guarantee you won’t regret it!