We were very happy to announce the winners of the vote for Head Boy and Head Girl in assembly today. Congratulations to Humaira and Sammy who were nominated and received the most votes. We know that they will do a great job!

The year 5s who visited the New Scientist Exhibition today at Excel were treated to a plethora of new and exciting scientific developments from around the world. They were able to meet robots and hear about astronauts ready for the time when they want to go into space. It was all very inspiring !! Ā ThanksĀ to Miss Brown for organising it and to our parent volunteers for going along and joining in.

Thank you to Mulberry Class who gave us a wonderful presentation in assembly this morning about Rosh Hashanah , the Jewish New Year. We very much enjoyed hearing their singing and learning about all the customs that are part of this tradition. Thank you as always to the parents who attended and took part. You make all the hard work worthwhile!

A big well done to our netball team who won two matches this week against Fox and Oxford Gardens. They are shaping up to be a formidable team. Keep up the good work !

As is often the way in school life we have been able to turn on and test our brand new boilers today on what is probably the hottest day of September so far! Everything is working fine thanks to the boiler men who have been working on it over the summer and we know that this new efficient system will save us lots of money on heating bills. Good to know that when we need to be we will be very toasty at Bevington. Now think we had better open a window!!

Thanks to Early Years and Rosy we have harvested a whole heap of broad beans today that Victoria will be making into something delicious for lunch this week. Add that to our on-going glut of tomatoes and we are really enjoying our vegetables this week at Bevington. We love trying new thingsĀ so if you have any recipes we’dĀ be happy to try them too. Just let us know.

It was fantastic to hear all the new members of School of Pop join together in song at lunchtime today. There wereĀ huge number ofĀ children in the hall ready to give their all with Mrs Flynn ably conducting them from the front. We are really looking forward to their first performance which weĀ hope isĀ very soon.

ThisĀ is aĀ question that came up in assembly today and produced quite a few varied and diverse answers- many of which were entertaining but a bit wide of the mark. So one to all the families out there in our quest to continually widen the children’s vocabulary- do you know what then definition of haughtiness is ? PS Mr Adams gave the best explanation but we couldn’t get him to give a demonstration!!

Today saw the start of our new club timetable and there were lots of children enjoying the opportunities on offer throughout the school. We look forward to hearing from all the children about their extra curricular excitement over the next few weeks.

Wow wee Birch class those are some impressive mapping skillsĀ on display in your topic books! They were so professional we would have no difficulty navigating aroundĀ London and the Thames. Special mentionĀ for the sheer attention to detail which we know only a true Bevington Learner could achieve. Future cartographers the lot of you.