This morning we had the first celebration assembly of the year, with trophy winners from across the school being rewarded for showing our Bevington values at all times.  Rama in Y1 won her trophy for showing friendship to some of our new arrivals, while Savannah in Y5 has shown real determination all week.  Teachers were effusive in their praise for our wonderful pupils who are showing themselves to be real Bevington learners.  Let’s keep it up all year!

If you don’t know how to then ask your children as all of KS1 and KS2 practised this today in assembly. We had a brilliant set of percussionists and dancers to help us out and Mr Doyle who was a star turn. Go on you know you want to !!

Yesterday afternoon it was as if a moon landing had happened in the art room because it was full of astronauts ready for their latest space walk. Looks like year 5 are  getting stuck into their topic. It was a great chance to use their space brains to problem solve in different ways after a fun morning doing year 6 maths! Now if they could just work on their washing up skills …..

What a great start to the term and the new school year we have had today. Everyone looked so smart in their new uniforms and so big and grown up as they lined up for their new classes. Welcome to all of our new starters today, not just in Nursery and Reception but all thorough the school. And welcome back to the children who have returned to us from afar now they have relocated back to the borough. We knew you couldn’t  stay away from us forever !

We love reading at Bevington and we know our children are very good at it. We have been thinking today about how we can make it even more fun and challenging for everyone this year. Look out for our new home reading books and expectations, coming out to the children over the next few days. Mr Adams has worked hard to re-vamp these and we know that the children will love them and the grown ups will love helping them.

And today we learned a lot about different types of assessment that gave us real food for thought. We also learnt what everyone did in their holidays and how glad we are to see each other again. There are great new teams forming all across the school as people move to their new year groups. Looks like it’s going to be a great year.

We are all extremely proud to let you know that when we checked the DfE website for our progress measures yesterday we were in the top 5% for the country. Good job everyone and only what we expected really. So what shall we aim for this year ?

Well done to us and especially Rosy and Miss Rogers who have helped us win first place for schools  the Brighter Kensington and Chelsea garden competition. The garden is overflowing with produce now so we are going to have some delicious additions to our school dinners next week too!

We know you will all be really excited to get back to school on the 6th and if you are anything like us you are counting the days. We have been busy setting up and the school looks amazing and smells great. We look forward to seeing you at 8.45 next week, looking all shiny and smart in your uniforms!  Have a great last few days, we can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been up to.