We reeled around the stage today in Oak Class assembly all about St Andrew and Scotland. We have learnt that the Saltire is blue because it reflects the skies over Scotland and that Year 4 do not like the idea of haggis! Thanks Oak for all that information and thanks parents for attending in such large numbers as always. Now off we go to practice our heel for heel and toe for toe!!!

What a positive place Bevington has been this week despite the wave of illness that has hit the school, especially in Early Years. We know as we move in December, our month of resilience, that it can be hard to bounce back when it is dark and cold so everyone has been really heartened by all the smiles and goodwill that fill the building.

What a great turnout this afternoon at the Book Fair. There are some amazing texts available to purchase, full of fun, adventure and intrigue. Still a couple more days left if you haven’t yet had time to pop in!

Year 1 and 2 had a lovely time at the Tate learning about how an exhibition can be put together ready for their own art gallery on the 8th. They got a chance to go on the swings in the Turbine Hall as well. We knew art was fun but this has exceeded even our expectations! 

Thanks to the all the teachers from other local schools who came to Bevington to talk about writing this afternoon. We love to compare and see what we can all do better. We are also looking together at a Nationally benchmarked scheme for moderating writing because we know that there is always room for change that can benefit all the children in all the local schools.

One of the many questions Year 5 have been asking themselves and they had a chance to find out more at the London Aquarium on their trip. They have been learning all about the Great Barrier Reef and it’s amazing diversity and eco systems. We are so lucky to be in London and have access to places like the Aquarium to enrich our learning. They had a brilliant time

Thanks to all the parents who have shown an interest in becoming a governor at the school. The final 3 will be available to meet and greet in the lower hall on Monday 4th December. No speeches just a chance to put a name to a face before the voting begins. Make sure you join us to see who is in the running.

We have started the rehearsals for our Early Years performance, our Year 5 show and our Music Recital in earnest this week and we have been sending out our invites. So much to look forward to in terms of high quality music and drama. We can’t wait!

We are embarrassed by the number of medals that we had to celebrate in assembly on Friday but also really pleased. Great work from our sporting legends! Congratulations as well to our lucky winner of the giant pumpkin, Shams in Cherry Class. It weighed a whooping 16.4 kg. What a lot of delicious dishes you could make out of that!