The staff Panto this morning proves once again that goodness and positivity triumph over evil every time! Cinders found her feminist credentials, Jack turned over a new leaf and started working for a living and Snow White and Aurora realised that you make your own luck and chances in the world. A fitting end to the first term we think and very much in tune with what we believe here at Bevington! Wishing you all a very happy holiday and see you in 2018!!

We had a lovely breakfast this morning thanks to Victoria and the team in the kitchen. They look after all of us and the children everyday and we wanted to say a big thank you and yum yum as the food is always delicious !

Our Head Boy and Girl plus two of our prefects had a great time this afternoon spreading the love all around Golborne Road with handmade calendars and chocolate. They were wishing all our neighbours a happy, safe and restful holiday. Something we know that we are all looking forward to now !

A massive well done to all the pupils and staff here at Bevington who have achieved the Gold Healthy Schools Award! This is an amazing achievement and only brought about by lots of hard work, especially from Mr Smith and Miss Rogers. We are very proud to hold this award and to know that Bevington children are fit for life!

The children in Nursery and Reception had a fabulous afternoon partying with their parents today. They were rocking away to Christmas tunes and eating lots of festive food. These little people know how to have a good time! We can all learn something from them!!

A big Bevington thank you for all the amazing gifts and cards that we have received from our families this festive season. We don’t expect anything but weĀ are very grateful none the less! We have had a great term and we have enjoyed every minute.

We said a sad goodbye to Julie Rutledge, our School Business Manager, today in assembly. She has been with us for nearly 10 years and has been instrumental in keeping Bevington brilliant all this time. She is looking forward to a long and happy retirement, especially as she now has a brand new baby grandson to play with! We wish her a wonderful future and we will all miss her.

Early Years wereĀ  most accomplished performers this afternoon in their production of Whoopsy- Daisy Angel. They spoke clearly and sung beautifully in front of a big audience of family and friends and they were super confident throughout. They are just beginning at Bevington and already they are excelling. We are so excited for the future with them. And it is also worth mentioning that they are incredibly cute as well! Merry Christmas Early Years!

We had a really good time this morning watching the pantomime Aladdin as part of our festivities. WeĀ got in lots of audience participation and are little bit croaky now from Ā all that booing of the villains. We love a good drama at Bevington!

Congratulations to Diego on Year 6 who has been accepted into the National Children’s Orchestra. He will be playing the fluteĀ in the Under-11s orchestra over the comingĀ year, whichĀ is a truly outstanding achievement –Ā  it is equivalent to representing theĀ country on a national sports team. It means that DiegoĀ is one of the top six or sevenĀ 10-year-old flautistsĀ in the whole of the UK! This is particularly remarkableĀ because Diego only began playing the flute in February – so when he auditioned in October, he had only about eight months of playing under his belt!Ā We can’t stop smiling at this news. Brilliant job Diego!