Year 5 had a brilliant session today learning steel pans thanks to the West London Zone. They were making sweet music in the hall that was just what we needed on our last day of this half term! Thanks to Rua for organising it- they all had a great time.

Well done to year 2 who have finally finished their SATs. They have done an amazing job and have been so grown up and mature about the whole fortnight. Thanks to all the families who have also supported them through the process. You can be very proud of your children!

Thanks to St Mary’s University in Twickenham for once again hosting the whole of Year 6 today. They have gone to find out what Higher Education might feel like. We know they are all capable of going on to great things once they leave Bevington, and then, finally their secondary school. Great to know the future is safe in their hands !

Thanks to Sequoia who entertained and educated us this morning with their assembly on inventions. They explained the 10 most important inventions of all time and highlighted some amazing achievements across many disciplines over the years. This has got us thinking about what we could invent to help us boost the school budget! Hmmm- jet pack anyone?

We are starting an exciting new vocal project at Bevington working with the Voices Foundation. They specialise in getting us all singing which we all ready love to do at Bevington. They have started their sessions in key stage 2 and will be working across key stage 1 as well in the new academic year. We can’t wait!

As the half term looms I’m sure you’re wondering what to do with the kids?

There are many free activities that are local.

NOVA is giving the opportunity for families to enjoy a variety of planned activities FOR FREE.!!

Activities include; a trip to Chessington, the theatre, cinemas and various workshops during the May holiday period.

Why not sign up and enjoy some free activities with your children

All you need to do is register:

When: Saturday 19th May BETWEEN 10A M-12PM

Where: Nova Hub 2 Thorpe Close W10 5LX

Everyone had a right royal rave up this afternoon in honour of the wedding tomorrow. The costumes and party clothes were very regal and the games and food were excellent. Thanks for all your donations and taking part in such good spirits. Enjoy the real wedding tomorrow and hopefully the sunshine with it.

Not the sentence you would usually expect to hear on your way to key stage 2 to be fair but yesterday it was true. And no he wasn’t on his own in there as one member of staff enquired! We know budgets are tight and teachers are getting younger though so we rule nothing out as animals can teach us so much!  We had a lovely visit from Scruff the rabbit who came to help us understand about how and why to be kind to animals. Thanks Archie for bringing him.

Well done to out year 3 and 4 team who had a great match yesterday. They are really going from strength to strength and they are fantastic sporting role models too!

Early years had a great time at their stay and play practising their fine motor skills. We know that grip and muscle memory are really important when developing these for later life so it was lovely to see so many children and their parents taking part in all the activities. Especially the one with the Cheerios…