Thanks to Miss Brown for hosting the second of our science partnership meetings today. We are looking forward to welcoming our fellow scientists into the lab to learn and practice our science skills alongside others. Next week we have Science Week at Bevington so this could not be better timed!

Thank you so much to all the parents and families who are contributing to the celebration this afternoon. The food will be delicious, the sun will shine and we will have time, for once, to enjoy each others company outdoors on a beautiful summer afternoon. Lucky, happy day!

We always suspected that this was the case but today it came true as Year 6 took over the adults’ jobs for the day. They did an amazing job and they got so much done that we might make it a permanent arrangement !

A scorching day at the Linford Christie Stadium today drew our week of sports to a close, with our final Sports Day.  Today was the turn of KS2 who impressed parents and families alike with their sporting prowess, from the javelin throw to the long jump.  We felt like real athletes competing on a real-life athletics track, and a proper sandpit.  Thanks to Mr Dasso and Mr Taghi for organising, and well done to the Yellow Team for winning the coveted Sporting Trophy!  Head over to Twitter for pictures.

The hall was full of buzzing honey bees this morning, as Willow took to the stage to give us a taste of their upcoming production, The Bee Musical.  They impressed the audience with their knowledge of queens, workers and drones, and they raised the roof with their final song.  Thanks to all family members who came along, and hopefully it’s inspired you to clear your diaries for the 10th July, when you can see the real thing!

A big Bevington “welcome” to all parents and children who attended our Welcome to Nursery meeting this evening.  There were some familiar faces, and some new faces, but in our eyes you are all part of the Bevington family now!  Thanks to Miss Parnell and Mrs Slater who led the meeting, and also to Holmefield House representatives who gave invaluable advice to parents about getting children school-ready over the summer.

The sun truly shone today for the KS1 Sports Day which took place at nearby Horniman’s Park.  The children really showed off their sporting prowess, taking part in a range of activities on the pitch and in the park.  We were particularly impressed with the parents and families who all pitched in to the family races, showing excellent sportsmanship and only a hint(!) of competitiveness!  Well done to Magnolia class who triumphed in the inter-class tug of war which finished the day.

Thanks to our friends at Barlby Primary who came over this very sticky afternoon to talk to us about teaching and learning in writing. We love working together as professionals to brainstorm new ideas and this was no exception. Thanks also to our colleagues from Oxford Gardens who came here on Monday to talk to us about reading. When you get teacher together it can only make the world better!

Thanks to the LA moderators who came to Key Stage 1 today to check our outcomes for year 2. They found our teachers to be highly knowledgeable, our children to be highly skilled and our judgements to be correct. We had suspected they might be but it is always good to have it verified! Well done the year 2 team and all the Key Stage 1 teachers who worked so hard to get this done.

The cute factor was at 10 today when the Early years had their sports day at school! The children were brilliant and really sporting all the way through despite the heat and the parent support was phenomenal. Thanks to the whole team for making it so seamless.