Thank you to our colleagues who came in today to talk to some of Key Stage 2 about modern slavery and what we should look out for. That is a very grown up topic but one we believe is really important to learn about. The children were. as always, curious and interested. They asked fantastic questions and really demonstrated all the traits we expect of a Bevington learner. when engaging with something emotive and challenging. We are very proud of them.

Our steel panners are really hitting their rhythm at the Tabernacle this term. They have showed some real skill  and are having a great time. What a lovely discipline to learn!

We have received great news now that the published data for Key Stage 2 is available.  Bevington is in the top 1% for scaled scores, top 2% for progress and top 2% for our combined scores.  All our data is significantly above the National average. We say woo hoo! Mind you we wouldn’t have expected any less from our fabulous children and teachers! 



You know we love change at Bevington and our school council elections have just reaffirmed for us how much the children love it too. They came up with great suggestions to help us get even better at reading, PE and life in general! We love their enthusiasm and can’t wait for them to get started.

No not the song from the 70s but something even better! Year 3 and 4 have got off to a flying start with their topic on Japan, learning about culture, geography and language. They were fascinated with what they found out about the Bullet Train and their origami was very  precise and sophisticated for our youngest members of Key Stage 2.

Well there is certainly no shortage of writing going on in Year 6 as we found out in Rowan’s class assembly this week. They have been learning about the rainforest and slightly driving the cleaners mad by bringing it indoors to immerse themselves in their chosen environment! It’s worked though as there have been some great examples of a real author’s voice. Not bad in week 2 !


It is true what they say- resistance is futile when a topic is this much fun! Year 5 are loving learning about how to be an astronaut and survive in space. It’s not dissimilar from surviving under water as we know so good job they did all that swimming last year! Quote of the week when asked  in STEM what forces are working on you – “Life”  Well that certainly true!! Wise words from Year 5 !

We are still being overwhelmed with applications for nursery and reception and wish we could offer everyone a place. This is a real testament to the team down there who are doing an excellent job settling everyone in and making learning fun. We are especially proud this year of the way they have made our new entrance work so seamlessly. It has really made a difference to the feel and welcome in the Early Years. We know they will go from strength to strength.


Rua has worked phenomenally hard to get new clubs and opportunities in place for the children at Bevington. These capture the interests and talents from all the children involved. It has been a complicated jigsaw to put together but well worth it when we see their enjoyment. Thanks to Rua for such a positive start to the school year.


Our football and netball teams both started their games and practices this week. We had a really successful year in 2017-18 with both and hope to repeat that again with hard work and dedication. We can’t wait to see how they do!