We had a great time this morning in our staff Panto. The acting was hilarious and the costume – well what can we say? We have never seen some of the staff like it ! Then Santa came and visited us all and spread so much more good cheer. We can’t quite believe that the end of term has come. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy and healthy holiday. See you in 2019.

Christmas lunch was a very festive affair today with spontaneous singing by the children in Early Years! The food was delicious and the mood was merry. Thanks to Victoria and her team for the delicious meal. Everyone was very full afterwards.

Year 6 immersed themselves in ancient Egypt this afternoon with games and food from the olden days. They really enjoyed relaxing after a very busy term and got into the spirit of free time on the banks of the Nile. Now if we could just have their weather?!

The annual Christmas Recital was as lovely as always this morning and has left us with a warm and tingly feeling ! We now feel like we are full of the festive spirit and ready Christmas lunch!

We have hosted a number of visitors over the past couple of days who have come to Bevington to see STEM in action. We have a unique curriculum which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and specialist facilities in which to teach them. Thanks to our staff for showing our visitors our approach, and hopefully we will have many more in the months to come!

Early Years were amazing this afternoon in their nativity. They twinkled away like the little stars that they are! Well done to all of them and thanks to the parents who came along and seemed to enjoy the show very much.

The Victorians came to school yesterday and year 1 and 2 got a real taste of the hard life. The children looked fantastic in some really authentic home made costumes and the turnout of parents for their presentation was outstanding. Thanks to all who came- the children were so happy to have you there so they could show off everything they know.

Miss M and Miss Sunderland led the Viking charge today and Year 5 looked amazing! They were fierce and fabulous warriors as always with their extraordinary beards. Grrr!

Thanks to Barlby for inviting us over to do some writing moderation on Tuesday. We love sharing good ideas and strategies in writing with our colleagues nearby. We always learn so much from them. We also like having the chance to wish them a happy holidays when they come. Enjoy the biscuits!

What a lovely downpour we had yesterday. Year 5 swam off to swimming and everyone else had a great time indoors at wet play – no such thing as bad weather at Bevington. Just opportunities for a different kind of fun.