Year 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from the incredible geologist Chris yesterday. The children have loved learning about their STEM topic this term and couldn’t wait for their STEM ambassador to arrive. Oak and Sequoia class were fascinated by the formation of fossils and thoroughly enjoyed observing a range of beautiful rocks from amethyst to granite. We couldn’t believe how heavy lead was and that quartz is made out of silica and oxygen! Well done to our budding geologists!

This week, Mulberry and Sycamore have been learning all about how to make a Fideuà. This is a seafood dish originally from the coast of Valencia that is similar to paella, but uses pasta noodles instead of rice. We filled our paellas with lots of scrumptious vegetables, and we perfected our claw and bridge grips by slicing onions, dicing peppers, mincing mushrooms and chopping green beans. We then flavoured with paprika, salt and pepper and left it to cook before sampling it at home time!



3PM – 4PM

 Bottom Hall



Tuesday – Rec & KS1 FOOTBALL

Wednesday – Rec & KS1 GYMNASTICS

Thursday – Rec & KS1 MULTI SPORTS


All sports clubs will be delivered by Mr Dasso. Please speak to him for more information.

Yesterday, year 4 took on the Natural History Museum. Combining their topic of Iceland with their STEM topic of Geology, Oak and Sequoia came back erupting with knowledge! From dinosaurs and volcanoes to fossils, rocks and minerals STEM and Topic came to life. Seeing the dinosaurs was an added bonus and luckily year 4 all made it back to school safely. It is lovely to see learning consolidated with a fantastic trip. Well done year 4!

Year 5 have been creating some artistic masterpieces based about the concept of ‘cubism’. They looked at a range of famous buildings in Spain and learnt to sketch them carefully like the artist Gaudi. Next, they focused on one section of the building to begin with and then learnt how to create perspective and make the buildings look 3D through adding shadow and shading. Then they used different techniques to shade, such as scumbling, stippling, cross-hatching and smudging. Then for their final piece, as they had been learning about famous Spanish artists, they decided to create a background in Picasso’s cubist style. Once they had done this and coloured it in using oil pastels, crayons, felt tips and newspaper clippings, they then sketched a new building, which was then cut up and used to create a brand new abstract building for their backgrounds.

Yesterday, the middle hall was converted into a STEM wonderland for the Autumn STEM Fair. Each group, had a display board displaying photographs from STEM lessons, pupils work and practical investigations that have been taking place n STEM lessons throughout the Autumn term. Each class then had a time slot to visit the fair and see what the other year groups have been learning about. Thank you to all the parents who attended at the end of the day to see their child’s learning. If you were not able to make the Autumn STEM fair, do not worry, there will be another STEM fair in the Spring term which promises to be even bigger!

On Monday, pupils in Year 6 attended school with a wide variety of ingredients to make their dream chocolate bar. There was a wide array of ingredients from countless brands of chocolate and every flavour under the sun, sprinkles, cereal, mint, vanilla extract, marshmallows, biscuits and sweets galore. Each pupil spent time with Miss J to prepare their culinary delight before getting to eat their own individual bar at the end of the day. Although this was a very fun activity the purpose was to help the pupils writing as this will form the basis of their piece of writing in English, where they will be writing a persuasive letter to the one and only Mr Willy Wonka to persuade him to produce their chocolate bar!

Since September, we have been uploading pupils home learning on to our school website. The results thus far have been fantastic with the majority of pupils accessing the home learning tasks and bringing them into school. Each week we have been monitoring the amount of views each year group has been having on the website. The results have been incredible and have changed as the Autumn term has gone on. To date, EYFS, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 have been at the top of the leader board for least a week. Let’s see who will be Number 1 at Christmas. Please keep up the excellent work!

On Friday evening, the Year 4 and 5 Girls Football team put in an unbelievable performance to win their first ever competitive football match by 10 goals to 3. The girls showed great skill, determination, team work and fair play in their performance and were aided by the impressive coaching skills of Mr Smith. Photos form the match can be found on our Twitter page and we look forward to their next fixture which will be in the new year. Well done girls!

On Wednesday and Thursday year 3 went back in time to World War I and II on a visit to the Imperial War Museum. When we arrived at the museum we were greeted by the most enormous canon that almost blew us away! In the museum we found out lots more about our Topic WWII including, facts abut D-Day, what soldiers used to wear and also that to join the army you had to 5ft 3 inches. Even on our tippy toes, we would not have been allowed to join! The trenches were rather scary although gave us an idea of what life during the war must have been like and all round it was a fantastic trip – well done year 3!