Thanks to two of our local ward councillors who came to visit today to see how well things are going at Bevington. It was great to show them round and catch them up on all the hard work that has gone into the curriculum and the building in the last few months. It really helps us focus on how far we have come and how much further we can go. The sky is the limit at Bevington!

We are in the middle of our mid year pupil progress meetings with all the teachers. This is where we check up on how everyone is doing and make plans about how to accelerate their progress even further. You know us- we don’t like to hang around! We have also been checking our writing again against other schools nationally. Good to know we are doing very well by comparison. Well done everyone. We are very impressed.

Great news! It is that time of year again and we are preparing for our annual talent competition ” Bevington’s got talent”. We certainly have got lots of talent  if previous year’s are anything to go by. Auditions are this week and rehearsals are in full swing. Now where are Ant and Dec?

Thanks to our colleagues at Colville for inviting us over yesterday to compare writing outcomes with them and other local schools from RBKC and Hammersmith and Fulham. We had a really useful time comparing what all the children can do and learned that teaching really is a very small world. Good to be among friends !

Year 3 and 4 have dusted down their whites, warmed up their follow through and checked the difference between LBW and MCC, all in preparation for this term’s specialist Cricket training provided by Middlesex Cricket Club.  There were no ducks in the first sessions run this week, and we are looking forward to a good innings as the term progresses.  Howzat for a way to beat the colder weather!

Thank you to our friends at the Rhythm Studio who have begun working with two new classes this term.  Sycamore are visiting the studio itself and will be receiving specialist band tuition, with all the equipment! Rowan are staying in school and working with industry experts to create their own electronic music.  Thank you to the Rhythm Studio Foundation for their support, without which we would not be able to offer these amazing experiences for our children.

We had wonderful Tuesday filled with drama and music with assemblies from the Arts Revolution and Drama fall workshops. No one can say we are neglecting our extrovert side! We are all performers here.

Thanks to the ladies who came in to school today to explain what they offer as a service and explore how they can best work with us and all of our families. They are coming back after half term to meet with staff and then will be hosting a coffee morning very soon after. Look out for dates coming soon.

We are looking forward to lots of parents coming to join the parent and pupil choir we are forming with St Charles Primary starting from this Friday. Start warming up your voices now and come and join us. If you would like more details please see Miss Faiers in Sequoia Class.

Thanks to Mr Shah who organised for all of year 3 to be part of the Steve McQueen photography project that will be on display in the Tate. Landmark works of art like this are amazing to be included in and we know you will be queuing up to see the children once the exhibition starts. Famous? Us ?