Both Year 6 classes (Rowan and Maple) undertook the ancient Egyptian process of mummification last week, when each child mummified a tomato and as a class a fish. The pupils were very excited to get to see the internal organs of a fish before rubbing it in salt and then stuffing it with sand. They then placed it in a beautifully decorated sarcophagus (plastic wallet) and this was then placed inside the rather grand temple (also known as the cupboard in the Year 6 annex), where they will remain until they are uncovered at the end of the topic. We wait to see if the mummification has been successful.

Yesterday, Year 4 went back in time to the 16th century, where banquets for hundreds were a regular affair and The Great Hall was slightly more impressive than our Bevington Bistro (only slightly!) Year 4 spent their day at Hampton Court Palace, home of King Henry VIII. They learnt all about the food that was eaten in Tudor times and how to cook dinner for over 600 people at one time. They dressed up in Tudor costumes and thought about what similarities and differences there were in clothing today. Year 4 came back to Bevington dreaming of Banquets, feasting and palaces – what a great day out!

Year 5 have been incredibly enthusiastic about all things Space and their knowledge of the Solar System is increasing all the time. They have explored how Space travel first started, the ‘Space Race’ of the past and today’s current one as well as how looking at ways in which technology has adapted and improved to allow new innovative ideas for Space exploration. Year 5 are fantastic at understanding the difference between Gas Giants, Rocky Planets and Dwarf Planets. We may have the next Tim Peake in Year 5, watch this SPACE!

We held a meeting at Bevington this week to discuss our exciting building project, and we are pleased that work on making the site ready for full building works to commence will be happening imminently!  Look out of the new panels which will soon be put up on the hoarding to show how our new facility will look when completed…

Well done to our boys football team who played their first fixture last Friday against local school, St Thomas’s.  Both teams were a credit to their schools and we are pleased to report that Bevington came away victorious.  Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come…

You may have noticed our new collection of indoor plants which are sited round the school building.  Thanks to a generous donation from The Westway Trust, we have been able to liven up the school with these amazing plants.  We’re told that they’re specially selected for air purification so will hopefully help us all improve our wellbeing!

Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural weekly maths award, who were selected from the school to receive a certificate this morning.  Each week teachers will be choosing one child from KS1, LSK2 and UKS2 respectively, who has demonstrated our school values in their maths learning.  Our winners today were all very worthy and we look forward to many more in the weeks to come.

Come and meet your child’s new teacher, in classrooms tonight from 3:15pm!

Those of you who have visited the KS2 playground will see the dramatic changes which are afoot.  The old derelict caretaker’s house has been demolished and work will be beginning on our exciting new project in the coming weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled — we will update you on developments as soon as they happen!

What a lovely day!  It was a rainy start, which instantly brightened as soon as our amazing pupils and parents returned to school.  The children have all settled brilliantly into their new classes, getting to know their new teachers and routines.  If we can all keep it up, it is going to be an incredible year!