A Day in the Life of……….. Bevington Twitter

Follow your child’s learning and all the other amazing opportunities and experiences that they encounter each day through the Bevington Twitter page @BevingtonRBKC. For a day we will be following each of our classes to have a true insight to the outstanding education they receive. The schedule for dates and the classes is as follows:

  • Thursday 23rd February – Rowan Class https://www.glenerinpharmacy.com/buy-generic-cialis-online/ (Year 6)
  • Friday 24th February – Sycamore Class (Year 5)
  • Monday 27th February – Mulberry Class (Year 5)
  • Tuesday 28th February – Oak Class (Year 4)
  • Wednesday 1st March – Sequoia Class (Year 3 & 4)
  • Thursday 2nd March – Birch Class (Year 3)
  • Friday 3rd March – Magnolia Class (Year 2)
  • Monday 6th March – Willow Class (Year 2 & 1)
  • Tuesday 7th March – Cherry Class (Year 1)
  • Wednesday 8th March – Elm Class (EYFS)
  • Thursday 9th March – Chestnut Class (EYFS)
  • Friday 10th March – Nutmeg Class (EYFS)


Pick up your phone, tablet or log on on your PC or laptop and follow BevingtonRBKC on twitter.