Entries by Richard Byrne-Smith

Every something is an echo of nothing

Year Six spent the day today making music out of … well… nothing.  Or that’s what it seemed to begin with.  They explored the ambient sounds, noises and music which exists all around us.  Using everyday objects, a bit of imagination and exploration, they pieced together a work of musical art which John Cage would […]

You rocked!

Year 6 got their guitars tuned and ready last week for their incredible production of School of Rock.  The acting was on point, the singing went through the roof and the atmosphere was electric.  Well done to them all and thanks to the staff for putting it together.

Fantastic Fundraising

Our amazing PTA worked incredibly hard last Friday to put on a spectacular summer fair.  Thanks to all parents, friends and family who attended and made it such a success.  We’re very please to announce that we made just under £1000, all over which will go towards our Science project to help our children.  Thanks […]

Digraph time

This week is phonics week, meaning our Year 1 children will be showing their amazing reading skills in our yearly phonics screen.  Do you know your trigraph from your phoneme?  If not, ask a Year 1 child who I sure will be happy to explain!


Everyone brought their best smiles for school photos today.  The photographer completed the whole school in lightning speed and everyone looked smart and super photogenic.  Well done Bevington – can’t wait to see the finished product!

Do you know your Udon from your Katsu?

Year 6 got a taste today for all things noodle and rice related as they were let loose in the kitchens of Wagamama!  They donned their hair nets and hats and got behind the wok to try their hand at making a variety of dishes.  The portions were healthy and everyone left with full tummies.

Eid Mubarak

We would like to wish “Eid Mubarak” to all families at Bevington who are celebrating. We hope you have a lovely day with friends and families!

What the Mayans did for us

Our Year 5s were truly bowled over by the magnificent Mayan artifacts on display at the British Museum.  They were visiting as part of their topic and learnt so much from the precious treasures on display.  Head over to twitter for photos!

Urban regeneration

Our Year 6s spent the day thinking about the impact of humans on our urban landscapes today.  They visited Stratford and looked for clues of the rapid changes which have happened to the area in the past 25 years.  It was a fascinating day, including an impromptu invitation to experience the inside of the Velodrome.  […]

Super SATS

You may have heard that this week is SATS week for our oldest children.  Well you would hardly notice as they have been taking the tests in their stride.  Children at Bevington have always loved a test and this cohort is no exception.  They have approached each test with confidence and resilience and we are […]