Year 6 worked hard to keep warm at Westway yesterday as they took part in the multi- sports competition. Judging by the rosy glow on their faces when they got back they succeeded. Thanks to all the parents and staff who wrapped up well and supported them. The children’s  manners and teamwork were brilliant as always.

Supplementing our training

Thank you to all out colleagues from local supplementary schools who joined us at our training day on Friday. They were brilliant and truly insightful. It was fantastic to have them and we hope it is the first of many opportunities to work together. Thanks to Muna and Val at the Westway Trust who put us in touch with them and who supported on the day.

Sunday Times success

Congratulations to all the children, parents and staff here at Bevington as we have been named the 11th highest state primary school by results in the country in the  Sunday Times this weekend. We are in some illustrious company and we understand what a massive honour this is. Well done on this outstanding achievement everyone.

Infinity calling

Our art competition winners got the chance to visit the infinity room at the Victoria Miro gallery this week. A bit 70s bedroom maybe ? Either way they were dotty about what they saw !

Mummies the word

Year 6 had a great time at the British Museum today looking at all the ancient Egyptian artefacts. They got wrapped up in the mummies and then visited Cleopatra’s Needle on the Embankment to learn all about its journey to London. We are so lucky to have all this on our doorstep !

Finding our phonemes and graphemes

We all learned so much at the phonics workshop this afternoon. Phonics is so important in early reading and writing we always glad to pass on the strategies and resources we use in school to benefit all. If you would like to know more and were unable to attend please see Miss Parnell for an update.

Leading the arts revolution

We all really enjoyed the concert on Thursday afternoon led by the Arts Revolution. They were playing to a very appreciative audience of parents and children who, we hope, might take up the chance to learn a new instrument in the future. We cant wait to hear what that will sound like !

Young mathematician’s competition

Thanks to the children who took part in this against other local schools last week. They showed the best of Bevington and answered some very hard maths questions! Greater depth? No problem for them !

Talking about respect

We hosted workshops across the school last week to help all of the children think about respect. They were thought provoking in so many ways. We have been applying that new knowledge to situations that we might experience in school and it has helped us to develop some important empathy skills. Thanks to Mrs Simpson for organising them, they have made a big difference.

Come back and see us soon

We have had a lovely time this week with the children in year 7 who have come back to visit and help us while their secondary schools are on half term holiday. They have shown all our current pupils that you really are always part of the Bevington family. Come back and see us anytime. We love having you.