What the Mayans did for us

Our Year 5s were truly bowled over by the magnificent Mayan artifacts on display at the British Museum.  They were visiting as part of their topic and learnt so much from the precious treasures on display.  Head over to twitter for photos!

Urban regeneration

Our Year 6s spent the day thinking about the impact of humans on our urban landscapes today.  They visited Stratford and looked for clues of the rapid changes which have happened to the area in the past 25 years.  It was a fascinating day, including an impromptu invitation to experience the inside of the Velodrome.  One not to be forgotten!

Super SATS

You may have heard that this week is SATS week for our oldest children.  Well you would hardly notice as they have been taking the tests in their stride.  Children at Bevington have always loved a test and this cohort is no exception.  They have approached each test with confidence and resilience and we are sure that they will do the school proud!

Chunky Chutney

A group of 8 creative chefs made their way to Sloane Square today for a masterclass in making chutney.  They worked hard to chop, dice, and cube onions and apples, before putting their cooking skills to the test.  The group will then go on to market and sell their finished products in weeks to come.

Onwards and upwards

Our new PTA held their second coffee morning today, and we would like to say a big thank you to those parents who gave up their time to discuss all things fundraising!  If you have time or expertise to offer, please get in touch with the office who will point you in the right direction.  The future is looking bright!

Going, going, gone!

The hammer was boss this evening, with the hall packed with parents for our first ever school Art Auction.  Completely organised by our school council, the event saw works of art created by pupils going under the hammer with expert auctioneer Isabel working the room.  Thanks to parents for their generous bids; the children raised a staggering £250 towards their goal of new lockers.

Intrepid Engineers

Well done to our team of Year 6s who represented the school at the Royal Albert Hall this week.  As part of our Evolution project in collaboration with Rolls Royce, the children presented their designs and prototypes for moving stages, complete with working cams, levers and pulleys.  It was all inspired by the incredible Cirque de Soleil.

Safari in the top hall

KS1 were in for a treat today with a visit from a whole host of wild and wacky creatures.  There were snakes, scorpions, a chameleon and even a meerkat (it’s spelt with a k, take note!)  They got to hold, stroke and peer at the animals, and the experience has improved the quality of their writing no end!  Head over to Twitter to see the pictures.

Community Consultation

A big thank you to those parents, staff members and community friends who came to our planning consultation on Monday. We officially shared our plans for our new Science Centre and Community Room. They look amazing and we have already had lots of positive feedback. If you missed the consultation we will be leaving the boards on display in our meeting room, so come and see them!

Rock n Roll

Sycamore rocked the school on Thursday, performing to the adoring crowd of KS2 and assembled parents and friends. They showed off what they have learnt this term with our friends at the Rhythm Studio. It’s such a fantastic local resource and we are so lucky to be situated right next to such a pool of generosity and talent!