Lovely letters!

We are very proud of the letter we received this week from Schools Ministers Damian Hinds and Nick Gibb.  They wrote to congratulate the Bevington community on its outstanding achievement this past year.  Our results place us in the top 3% in the country.  Thank you to everyone for making this happen, we think you’re all great.  Top 2% next year then?

O2 Superstars

Well done to our School of Pop who took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity, singing with 8,800 other children at the incredible O2 Arena.  The concert was incredible, and the parents who attended said it a memorable evening.  Thanks to Miss Faiers for organising.

Blowing away the cobwebs

Thanks to our friend Fergus who brought his bagpipes to school this morning and gave everyone a rousing start to the day!  Parents and children felt like they were on the Royal Mile on their way into school.  Apologies to our neighbours for your 8:45am alarm, but hopefully you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Teeny tiny science experts

We know that our youngest pupils really enjoy learning about science and technology so we are very happy to oblige. Miss Brown and Miss Po learnt about how to further incorporate STEM into the early years setting this afternoon through a range of different stories. They also thought about the best way of using resources to encourage problem solving and to develop team building skills as well as resilience. Now they will be doing everything they can to create different challenges to encourage the children to think more creatively to solve problems.

Governor learning walk

Thanks to the governors who have made time today to visit the classrooms, look at children’s books and talk to pupils. They had a packed agenda thanks to Miss Po and they asked lots of tough questions. The children behaved brilliantly as always. They were very keen to point out all the things they have learnt this year – what a clever bunch.

Nursery wow the school

Thanks to Miss Parnell and Nutmeg class who were so brave in their assembly to the whole school last week. They are super confident and super talented. Keep it up Nutmeg!

All go in year 3 and year 4

Last week was a brilliant week for year 3 and year 4 who not only got to make amazing art work they also got to work with an author and learn all about what that job looks like. They are enjoying every minute of their current topic and we hear another tuneful surprise is on it’s way to them soon. Make sure you listen out!

Good to keep in touch

Thanks to two of our local ward councillors who came to visit today to see how well things are going at Bevington. It was great to show them round and catch them up on all the hard work that has gone into the curriculum and the building in the last few months. It really helps us focus on how far we have come and how much further we can go. The sky is the limit at Bevington!

The joy of assessment !

We are in the middle of our mid year pupil progress meetings with all the teachers. This is where we check up on how everyone is doing and make plans about how to accelerate their progress even further. You know us- we don’t like to hang around! We have also been checking our writing again against other schools nationally. Good to know we are doing very well by comparison. Well done everyone. We are very impressed.