Picnic in the Sun

What a wonderful day it was on Friday, perfect conditions for a picnic in the sun! That’s exactly what children in early years did, and we invited our mothers and other special women to attend to enjoy the sun, food and good company. Thank you to everyone for providing food and coming along to our very special Mother’s Day event.

Still talking about the STEM fair

We know you loved the STEM fair last week because we have had parents telling us how great it was well into this week. The children did a fantastic job of explaining and teaching each other different concepts. We really enjoyed learning together and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to Miss Brown for arranging it and all the classes for their hard work and effort.

Can we see what you’ve written?

Thanks to Barlby who came over to Bevington last night to talk about writing in the two schools and compare the children’s work. We have a great time discussing ways to help children in both schools learn different skills and continually improve. It was a very useful session. Thanks to Miss M for organising it.

Riveting Romans

Thanks to year 3 and 4 who put on some amazing performances this week on their topic of Romans. The singing, dancing and acting were fantastic and they looked brilliant too. Thanks as well to all the parents who came and supported them. You were a great audience!

Raising our voices

On Wednesday we hosted a showcase for the Voices Foundation who have been working with us in school this year. They saw outstanding music across the school thanks to all the hard work of Miss Faiers and Mr Byrne Smith. Singing and winning at Bevington.

Groovy chicks

They have hatched! Our living eggs arrived in early years this week and the chicks soon started to appear. The children have lived making the link between the egg and the new life. Great science in action there.

Mad about maths

We hosted the second North Kensington maths competition this week and standards were incredibly high. Congratulations to Barlby who came first and thanks to Mr Collett for making it all happen.

Sleepover smiles

Everyone left school tired but happy after the year 5 sleepover on Friday night. Worn out from all the pizza, games and movies we guess. Sleep well Year 5 🙂

Friends forever

We had a fabulous friendship afternoon today in our mixed up groups from across the school. We played games, made cards, cooked and got active together. And all dressed as Harry Potters or Cats in hats! Quite a Friday!

Batty about books!

What a great day we have had dressed up for our belated World Book Day. The costumes were phenomenal- so creative and accurate. Thanks to Miss M for organising all that for us. We love dressing up!