Little House of Science

Pupils from across our science partnership came together today to learn all about Forces with the amazing Little House of Science.  It has been great to meet children from other year 5 classes and who knows… maybe the next supersonic flight engineer is among us!

What a wonderful turnout!

Thank you to everyone who attended parents evening yesterday afternoon and evening. The turn out was incredible and so nice to provide feedback and targets to further help your child. If you were unable to attend then please arrange a time with your child’s class teacher in the coming week. Thank you once again and our aim is for an even higher turnout at the next parents evening!

Parents’ Evening record turn out

Thank you to all the families who have made appointments to meet the teachers and talk about the children’s progress and next steps. What a great way to spend some time talking about all our favourite people!

Attendance alarm call

Please check out our attendance and punctuality display in reception. It is really important to be in school on time and every day. Let’s see how we can make this even better at Bevington.

Hockey all stars

Cherry class were demonstrating great passing and stopping skills in their hockey PE lesson today. They have really been working on their control and it shows.

Great work on Gaudi

Year 5 have produced some very impressive sketches in response to their topic about Gaudi. They have shown great use of line, tone and shade that are worthy of the man himself. Trip to Barcelona anyone? (We wish!)

Year 3 evacuated to the countryside!

Year 3 came to school dressed as evacuees as part of their World War 2 topic. During the day, year 3 had to march to times tables, do SPAG using chalk and write letters home as if they had been evacuated from London. Year 3 learnt all about rationing during the war, as well as the purpose of Anderson Shelters and why children were evacuated. Well done year 3, what a lovely day!

Football heroics. These girls can

The girls played against St Thomas this week and even though they didn’t win they showed they had the hearts of lionesses with their bravery and team work. We are very proud of what they achieved and many thanks to Mr Smith and Mr Collett for taking them.

Keep the home fires burning

Year 3, are learning about the war this term and they spent today immersed in their topic. We have been thinking about conflict, remembrance and peace across the school this week. It has made us really value home and family. And so it should. We still have poppies for sale if anyone wants to make a contribution to this very valuable cause too.