Flipping marvellous

Pancake day was a delicious affair at Bevington this year as usual. Children and teachers filled up on these homemade tasty treats and thought about the meaning of Lent. What’s your favourite filling ?

Our future selves

We love our annual careers fair as it helps us focus on the future and our ambitions and aspirations. We know that all our futures start with education and information and we know everyone in the building appreciates that. Knowledge is power after all ! Thanks to Miss Po for organising it all so efficiently as always and to everyone who volunteered their time to talk to the children.

Brilliant turnout – thank you!

Thank you too all the families who came to  parents evening last week. It was nearly 100% turnout this time. We aren’t surprised though. We can see how much you support your children and value the school. Thank you for all the positive feedback your appreciation is appreciated!

Pudding Lane

KS1 will be off to the City of London this week to visit the Monument which stands in Pudding Lane as a reminder of the Great Fire of London which devastated the city.  They will be looking at how the area looks now and comparing it to images from primary sources.  What a fantastic way to bring history to life!

Illustrious Illustrations

The children learnt about illustration and studied the work of Quentin Blake during Art Morning on Friday.  Classes spent the morning perfecting their pastiches of Wonka and then applied their learning to their own illustrations!

She shoots, she scores!

Congratulations to the girls in our football team who did a brilliant job in their tournament this week. They put up an impressive performance and won 3 matches. They also showed impeccable sportsmanship and good manners throughout. What great role models !


Making sense of money

Year one and two had really useful sessions about money this week. They were thinking about how to save it and when to spend it sensibly. Now there is a good lesson for their future lives!

Parent power

Thanks to the parents who turned up to bring their brilliant ideas to the parent forum today. We were focusing on STEM and the way we can make it even better in school. Now we have the ideas we just need you all to come to the PFA meeting on 7th March and help raise the money to pay for them! We will see you there.

Wonderful weather and wonderful wall ball

Oak class had the best start to the half term yesterday as they were out playing wall ball with lots of other schools locally. They got a special t- shirt, ideal for the currently lovely but unseasonable weather, and to meet the current number one wall ball player in the world. Heady days for year 4!