Parents of Cherry, willow and Magnolia

Cherry, Willow and Magnolia would love to invite you to come and celebrate the end of their topic:

‘Here, There and Everywhere’

Thursday 9th February at 2pm – 2:50pm

We welcome you to come and see some of the wonderful learning we have done during this term and to try our delicious Indian drinks.


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Women’s Health Watch Coffee Morning

Calling all local women!  Hear Women/ GarGar Foundation workers will be running a series of workshops at Bevington School, the first of which will be taking place next Wednesday, 8th February at 9-11am.

Hear Women /GarGar Foundation is a UK registered charity that assist women and children to reach their full potential in health and well-being, improve their education, generate sustainable income, integrate into the British society and became a positive role model to their children, families, and communities.


A series of four coffee morning sessions will run to bring together parents and health professionals to raise awareness about local health provisions including new GP provisions, Urgent Care Centres, and the use of 111. heart cholesterol. The four sessions will also be a great outlet for gathering community feedback on local health services for families, and also children affected by obesity or mild mental health issues etc.


Year 5 and 6 explore equality

As you know we are always very interested in giving our children the opportunity to debate the bigger questions in life and year 5 and 6 got the chance today as part of a workshop on equality. The session was full of difficult questions that we know are the other side of this month’s value of thoughtfulness. This challenged the children’s thinking and decision making processes. The children know it is ok to disagree and important to still treat each other with respect and humour whatever we have been trying to make sense of. Well done year 5 and 6 for such mature attitudes.

What a turn out for our maths stay and play

Early years was packed with parents and siblings learning maths with our smallest pupils today. It was a highly practical session, following on from Miss Parnell’s workshop last week, that proves you can do maths anywhere with anything. Whatever the age of your child if you would like some resources please see Miss Parnell and we would be happy to pass them on. And check out our Twitter to see all the amazing photos of  the morning.

Safety first for year 6

As part of their transition work to prepare for secondary school Year 6 have been learning about safe travel around the capital. TfL representatives came in yesterday and this is what they discussed in the children’s own word. “We were lucky to be able to share the afternoon with a representative from TfL, who informed us all about how to be safe and stay safe, whilst travelling around London. We learnt about how to protect ourselves from any strangers who may approach us. and we learnt how to make TfL employees aware of any suspicious bags or behaviour. We also learnt what to do in the case of an emergency occurring, as well as the dangers of unsafe behaviour. ” A really valuable and productive session as you can see and all part of our on-going junior citizenship programme for year 6. We want to help them be really prepared for the next stage of their education and getting their safely is the first step.

Pyjama day is coming !

When the year 5s came to us and asked could they raise money for children with cancer there was no way we could refuse. Then they asked if we could do this by wearing our pyjamas to school on Friday 10th February and we thought that was a brilliant idea and fitted in so well with Early Years Let’s Pretend day. So next Friday we are asking everyone, and parents visiting year 5 for maths that day are included in this invitation, to come to school wearing their pyjamas and to donate 50p to cancer research. This is a really thoughtful thing to do and shows how much the children care about others. Hopefully it will be lots of fun too!

Please Click on the links below,

Pyjama Day Friday 10th February

Pyjama Day


Record breaking leap of faith !

A massive well done to Makayla in year 5 for a record breaking triple jump of over 5 metres at this week’s athletics meeting. This is an amazing achievement in her age group and, we are sure, a sign of fantastic sporting success in the future.