Cubism Art In Year 5

Year 5 have been creating some artistic masterpieces based about the concept of ‘cubism’. They looked at a range of famous buildings in Spain and learnt to sketch them carefully like the artist Gaudi. Next, they focused on one section of the building to begin with and then learnt how to create perspective and make the buildings look 3D through adding shadow and shading. Then they used different techniques to shade, such as scumbling, stippling, cross-hatching and smudging. Then for their final piece, as they had been learning about famous Spanish artists, they decided to create a background in Picasso’s cubist style. Once they had done this and coloured it in using oil pastels, crayons, felt tips and newspaper clippings, they then sketched a new building, which was then cut up and used to create a brand new abstract building for their backgrounds.