Education! Education! Education!

Did you know….?

·    1 in 3 students with poor attendance (below 80%) do not achieve any qualifications at all

·   Only 8% of students with poor attendance (below 80%) achieve 5 or more GCSEs at A* – C grades

·    A student with 85% attendance will miss 29 days in a year – that’s half a term of learning lost!

·    A student who misses 38 days each year will miss 2 whole years of learning by the age of 16 


It seems a long time ago that education  was a real government priority but obviously we believe it is the key to everything. There is nothing more life changing and transformational.  We know from talking to you this week that it is your number one priority too and this is reflected in the ever increasing proportions of children on time and attending everyday. Thank you for recognising the importance of this. Bevington children are voracious learners and Bevington staff are ready to challenge them. Together the sky is the limit- so come on in.