Our behaviour is the mirror which shows who we really are

As adults we all know it is so true that our actions and our manners can define us for life. First impressions and snap judgments categorise us for others into those we can work with and those we can’t. We all know behaviour is learnt and great social skills open doors to a world of opportunity. So we REALLY care about that at Bevington and we didn’t want just your average, run of the mill, behaviour policy. We all know our children are smarter than that. They prove that everyday.

After a lot of  work that has been done this https://www.glenerinpharmacy.com/buy-cipro-online/ term collecting thoughts, feedback and ideas from you, the staff, the children and the governors we have a new behaviour policy for Bevington. Everyone is in agreement that this one is challenging because we like to challenge.

People who can self regulate and are self motivated do better at school and better in life. That sounds like the children, staff and families of Bevington to all of us so thank you for designing this policy that articulates this so clearly. We are emailing it out to you this week so please check your inbox and get on with winning.