Our Vision

Vision and ethos

At Bevington we believe that education is the gateway to a happy life. Our vision is to provide our pupils with the skills they need to progress successfully thorough primary school and beyond. Our aim is to prepare our children today for the lives they will lead tomorrow. We want to grow self-confident pupils, who are unafraid, analytical, forward thinking and committed to engaging with their world. We want our children to have a voice.

Our Values

Everything we do at Bevington is based on living our three core values of:

  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Humour

Our Strategy

Underpinned by our core values, our strategic priorities bring our vision and purpose to life.  We achieve this through:

  • Providing a bespoke curriculum that is designed to give our children all the knowledge and skills they need to pass successfully through to the next stage of their education. We understand the value of all subjects, so we teach them all.
  • Providing a teaching staff who have exemplary subject knowledge and a fantastic work ethic. They are real life role models from a range of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Valuing our community, heritage and neighbours. We are a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  • Providing well-designed specialist facilities so that pupils can learn in challenging and stimulating environments. This means we can experiment, hypothesise and research in depth with the tools we need to hand.
  • Positioning safeguarding, pastoral care and pupil welfare as our highest priority.
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