Safety first for year 6

As part of their transition work to prepare for secondary school Year 6 have been learning about safe travel around the capital. TfL representatives came in yesterday and this is what they discussed in the children’s own word. “We were lucky to be able to share the afternoon with a representative from TfL, who informed us all about how to be safe and stay safe, whilst travelling around London. We learnt about how to protect ourselves from any strangers who may approach us. and we learnt how to make TfL employees aware of any suspicious bags or behaviour. We also learnt what to do in the case of an emergency occurring, as well as the dangers of unsafe behaviour. ” A really valuable and productive session as you can see and all part of our on-going junior citizenship programme for year 6. We want to help them be really prepared for the next stage of their education and getting their safely is the first step.