Something exciting happened last week… my dad became a pupil! (Just for one day of course!)

On Wednesday 2nd January, year 5 opened its classroom doors to let parents come in and see what we have been learning about and give them an opportunity to take part in our exciting guided reading activities!

To start the lesson, we read a story named ‘The creation of Thor’s hammer’ together with the whole class (just like we normally do in a Mondays shared read!). Next, we moved onto a fluency task, we spoke about vocal inflection and practised this with an activity. Miss Brown then asked us to choose a paragraph to try and use our new skill of vocal inflection. It was funny listening to my dad reading with so much emotion!  Before the end of the lesson, my dad also tried out the other skills we normally practise in the week such as: find and retrieve, inference and structure/language and layout! It was fantastic being able to share my learning with my dad and I can’t wait for him to come in again this Wednesday for our maths morning!!

By Abdullah – Year 5 (Sycamore)