Thank you for appreciating us

We really value your thoughtfulness at Bevington. It means a lot to staff to get positive feedback and support from families especially when we know that government reports show that teacher turnover is higher than ever with reports like the one below well publicised in the press.

“Action is needed to reduce the crippling workload of teachers and raise their low pay to stop the increase in numbers leaving the profession, according a parliamentary report.

The House of Commons education select committee said on Tuesday that the government needs a comprehensive and evidence-based plan to recruit more teachers and improve retention.

The report said 30% of all teachers leave the profession within five years of joining it and quoted a teacher information service that found that 44% of primary school teachers felt that workload was the main reason teachers quit.”

Staff at Bevington really enjoy providing a rich and varied curriculum, clubs and social activities for all of our children and your words of thanks and  praise inspire them to try even harder – especially when it has been cold and dark forever. So thank you for noticing.