We are training the coders, scientists and engineers of the future

Clubs got off to a flying start this weekĀ full of Ā children from across the schoolĀ  learningĀ  new skills that will make them more employable in the future. The shortage of great candidates for jobsĀ in science, technology and engineering is well rehearsed in the media so we are helping our children get a head start in those future careers. We believeĀ children at BevingtonĀ can always compete with the best in these fields andĀ we are hugely ambitious for them.

We know that extra curricular activities can spark a life long interest and extend children’s learning in many directions soĀ this range of clubs were designed to do just that. Who knows if we have a future Steve Jobs or Stephen Hawking in our midst who will be able to say ” IĀ found my passionĀ at primary school.They taught me I could do anything I set my mind to !”