We share our aspiration to be the number 1 school in Kensington and Chelsea with all the children

As parents will know we are already one of the top 10 schools in the local authority and we continue to aspire to do even better. We know that the children at Bevington are amazing and they are a credit to us all. We have shared  with them all 4 of our School Improvement Targets in class and assembly so they know we are all working together to achieve them. Our child friendly aims are:

We want as many of our children as possible achieving higher outcomes by the end of Year 6 and the children know that is only possible if they start right now.

We have reminded the children  that they need to be in school and on time everyday. Attendance and punctuality are at an all time high for the school so please keep this up!

We have asked the children to tell their friends and relatives what a great school Bevington and we hope that you will do that too so we can make sure the school remains full.

Finally we have asked the children  to think about how they can show in their actions and deeds that they are living up to our vision of smart, positive pupils who feel like they belong here.


We will have designed a display right outside of our assembly hall to remind all children each and every day. Come and have a look when you are in school.