Welcome back: New year, new topics!

Happy New Year to all our pupils, parents, staff and the local community. We hope you all had a lovely holiday. We have now entered into the first half of the Spring term and with that our pupils have begun new topics. For this half term the topics taking place at Bevington are:

EYFS – Exploring Winter

Year 1 – Travel and Transport

Year 2 – The Arctic

Year 3 – Scotland

Year 4 – Early Britain

Year 5  – The Vikings

Year 6  – Natural Disasters

For each of the topics there is a home learning grid on the website (see home learning on the main page) with a wide range of suggested activities you could do at home with your child. In addition to this why not visit the library to take out books related to their topic or conduct some safe internet searches. We look forward to seeing all the brilliant work you do at home to support your child and their learning.