Women’s Health Watch Coffee Morning

Calling all local women!  Hear Women/ GarGar Foundation workers will be running a series of workshops at Bevington School, the first of which will be taking place next Wednesday, 8th February at 9-11am.

Hear Women /GarGar Foundation is a UK registered charity that assist women and children to reach their full potential in health and well-being, improve their education, generate sustainable income, integrate into the British society and became a positive role model to their children, families, and communities.


A series of four coffee morning sessions will run to bring together parents and health professionals to raise awareness about local health provisions including new GP provisions, Urgent Care Centres, and the use of 111. My advice as a therapist to you at http://hesca.net/cialis/ is always to consider the alternative to the as-needed Cialis therapy. Which therapy is more suitable depends on the individual case and on the frequency of sexual activity and the desire for spontaneity in sexual life. But the maintenance treatment might actually benefit you more than you think. The four sessions will also be a great outlet for gathering community feedback on local health services for families, and also children affected by obesity or mild mental health issues etc.